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Welcome to Svenco
Europes largest and leading manufacturer of paper waste sacks, paper liners and compost bags

Svenco is often associated with quality. Quality is obvious for us and we continuously work to improve the quality of our products and the company. Quality involves not only minimizing the error frequency but also to deliver at the right place on time according to the customer's desire. The customer comes first. Without satisfied customers - no future! We are well aware that it takes decades to build a good reputation, seconds to lose it.


The new Gammapaper
Svenco Papperssäckar AB continue the work
on the development of bags and sacks for collecting food waste.


Natural packaging
for natural waste

Svenco has, together with a paper supplier made a new paper quality, Gammapaper. As well as being the waterproof paper that we use today, it is also more ventilated. By manufacturing Gammapaper with a scientifically specified ventilation (or porosity), the paper is stronger and will retain and absorb moisture while allowing the waste to ‘breathe' and therefore dry out quicker. Better ventilation will help to reduce smells and make the waste less attractive to flies and maggots and will also prevent the liner from freezing to the bin.


Svenco Papperssäckar AB - Maskingatan 10 - 195 60 Arlandastad - Sweden - Phone: +46 8 594 405 60 - E-mail us